Congress has effectively banned purchasing vapes on-line with new regulations.

It is with great sadness that we at Juicemafia must share the news that as of March 28th, 2021 we will be suspending retail sales.   

As part of the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021,” in the most recent COVID-19 relief bill signed into law on December 27, 2020, Congress amended the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act to apply to e-cigarettes and all vaping products.  

In short this makes it illegal for all vaping products and accessories to be shipped via the USPS.  Adding to this shipping challenge, FedEx and UPS have announced they will no longer accept vaping shipments as of March 1, and April 5th, respectively.  Finally, the PACT act requires monthly submissions of all vaping purchases (your name, address, and items ordered) to each state monthly.  A single  mistake in filing is subject to a $10,000 fine per shipment, as well as criminal prosecution by the ATF.

We are still working to determine if there is a path forward so that you don't lose access to the products you have historically gotten from us that are not currently carried by your local "Brick & Mortar" shops.  Please encourage your local vape shop to contact us about carrying our products in their stores.

Thank you very much for your patronage over the last eight years.  It has been our great pleasure helping each of you with your vaping needs.

Dave & Joanne
Owners, Juicemafia


Sue Rosenberger

Date 4/17/2021

I cannot express effectively how panicked I have been since I logged in on the 1st to make my monthly order and saw your announcement. ??????. Accordingly I've been trying to talk toy local vape stores and am having one helluva time getting them to even listen to me before they blow me off. Is there any chance JM has a brochure or booklet or something I can give to my local vape store owners to represent you better than me begging them to order from you because their current juices suck? Of NOT, then PLEASE consider creating such a thing. And when you do I would like 6 copies of said brochure/booklet to restart that campaign!! Not having access to your products is certainly making my day-to-day vaping much less satisfying. -Rosie Long time customer ??

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:45:44 PM

All they need to do is email or call us and we'll send them pricing and some samples.

chris S klusak

Date 4/23/2021

I sent u guys a couple txt tried to call tattoo shop is closed so I'd like to b a brick and mortar and I'll carry your product line exclusively...not gonna order start up product that didn't work last time...just a few bottles of a few flavors that sold, some starter mods and coils and batteries... I'm planning on having customers place their orders as u guys ship fast to Iowa so wait times will b acceptable and I won't end up with a bunch of product that I have to sell at a loss, my account won't log in so lmk if I need to get my tobacco permit sent to u in order to reopen my account...there is no business license required where I live I checked that out last time I got the permit

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:47:06 PM

Hi Joanne at 574-250-7599 and she can try and get you going again.

gary b sherman

Date 4/27/2021

Holy smoke!! I didn't know that you are not able to ship my vape juice to me. I live in Boca Raton, Florida, zip code 33443. Can you give me a name and address of a brick and mortar vape shop in my area that carries your juice? I would greatly appreciate a prompt response, as I am running very low on juice. I buy Rosso 12 mg max vg and Higheay 4 12 mg high vg as well, both in 100 ml size. Thank you for being there all of this time for me.

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:44:32 PM

A shop in Coral Springs called Smoke this Too used to carry our products and have said they may start again.

Elizabeth Finn

Date 4/29/2021

Hi there. Thank you so much for making such a quality product. I'm fairly certain I've been a customer since 2015 (minus 2 pregnancies)! Vaping helped me quit smoking cigarettes and completely quit nicotine when pregnant, and you were a part of that. I'm so sad to see your online retail shop close and I hope that you can find a path forward. Best of luck!

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:47:58 PM

Thank you for the kind words and your business over the years!

Sue Rosenberger

Date 5/1/2021

I see you deleted all of our accounts now too? That is so sad. Are you not even hoping or wanting to continue online sales? I've been holding on to hopes that you'd find a way and things could go back to normal.... meaning I could start ordering my faves from you again. I have posted here before but I don't see any comments from anyone here so maybe you're no publishing them but I hope you're at least reading them. I'm able to order from other sites that post this announcement and manage to verify age. Maybe you can too??? "PACT ACT Vape Mail Announcement Starting March 27, all packages will require Adult Signature (21+) upon delivery with I.D. check."

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:50:59 PM

Hi Sue, Until the government puts out clear guidance, we're not willing to risk getting fined and facing criminal charges. Other sites may want to take that chance, but we've always done everything we can to stay within the confines of the law. We just wish the powers that be appreciated that.

Eleanor Harrington Foyle Gallardo

Date 5/2/2021

More regulations, it’s the parents failure to have control of there kids. A__hole have to be blamed for causing bodily harm by taking to hot of puffs. I I’m always on the short end of the stick. I’m 65 and I resent the politicians taking one more health aid away from me. If it opens back up, send me an email. Thank you for your product, Eleanor Gallardo

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:52:15 PM

You're welcome! We appreciate your loyalty.

Verl F Stephenson

Date 5/4/2021

Good afternoon, Have you been able to find shipping for personal orders to NC yet? I miss being able to order from you, and I'm in a very rural area that doesn't have vape shops. Thanks, Verl Stephenson

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:41:56 PM

Unfortunately no. The post office and ATF haven't provided clear direction on how to proceed yet. That hasn't stopped them from fining companies though. The government is great. lol


Date 5/5/2021

Are your shops still open? I'm in Fort Wayne but will drive over to Mishawaka to shop.

Verl F Stephenson

Date 5/12/2021 12:33:47 PM

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that you can get some guidance soon so that you'll be able to return to retail orders. It is a shame that small vaping business has been needlessly regulated and for some of us, the only place to buy is from the local quick in and out stores that sell big tobacco vaping products. Good luck and fingers crossed!

David Adams

Date 5/5/2021 12:40:05 PM

Yes, all 5 of our Ecig-Works locations are still open.


Date 5/6/2021

I'm really saddened to hear that more needless regulations have affected you guys! I've been getting my stuff from y'all for years. I moved away from the shops I knew in northern Indiana a few years ago and have been using your online service since. Is there a place to find local shops that carry your stuff? If there's no such online tool, can you let me know if you have any shops you supply in or near southern Indiana?

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