Apple Overload - Sweet and tart blend of 3 apples.

Applemelon - Apple/watermelon blend.

Arctic Ice - Intense cooling menthol.

Bahama Blast - Sweet blend of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut.

Baller Blend - Hints of cocoa and sugar cane over a savory tobacco blend.

Banana Nut Bread - Fresh out of the oven.

Bearclaw - Cinnamon pastry drizzled with frosting.

Berry Crunch - Your favorite CRUNCHy cereal.

Blue Moon - Sweet blueberry candy.

Blueberry Dream - Sweet blend of blueberry and vanilla.

Bubbleberry - Blueberry bubble gum.

Cactus Juice - Orange and pineapple blend.

Caffe Bianco - Fresh coffee with a touch of vanilla and sugar.

Cherry Tobacco - A sweet tobacco with a cherry finish.

Chocolate Coconut - Milk chocolate over coconut.

Code Black - Citrusy soda with a cherry finish.

Cotton Candy - Sweet cotton candy flavor.

Fireball - Very intense cinnamon.

Flue Cured Tobacco - Savory tobacco blend.

Frozen Lemonade - Lemon with menthol finish.

Grape Vape - Very authentic grape blend.

Green Apple Freeze - Green apple with menthol finish.

Island Breeze - Pina Colada with a menthol finish.

Jelly Candy - Candy gummy flavor.

Juicy Gum - Fruity Bubblegum.

Lemonberry - Sweet lemon with a blueberry finish.

Mafia Mint - Intense Mint.

Mandarin Orange - Sweet mandarin with a cream finish.

Menta Tobacco - Menthol tobacco.

Monster Juice - Energy drink.

Nero Tobacco - Sweet tobacco with chocolate and vanilla.

Paisan Punch - Fruity grape, plum, and lemon.

Peach Paradise - Straight up authentic peach.

Peach Tobacco - Smooth tobacco with a peach finish.

Peaches And Cream - Sweet peach with vanilla cream.

Peanut Butter Cup - Milk chocolate with peanut butter.

Peppermint Twist - Sweet peppermint blended with vanilla.

Pina Colada - Pineapple coconut blend.

Pineapple Upsidedown - Sweet pineapple with baked vanilla cake.

Pirate Punch - Tropical blend of strawberry, pineapple, and peach.

Pixie Dust- Tart grape with a menthol finish.

Plum Crazy - Sweet blend of plum and banana.

Quindicci Tobacco - Sweet, nutty tobacco.

Rosso Tobacco - Traditional cowboy tobacco.

Rum Runner Tobacco - Tobacco bland with a sweet rum finish.

Scotch Tobacco - Sweet tobacco with butterscotch and vanilla.

Smartypants - Tart, sweet candy.

Strappleberry - Blend of apples and strawberry.  

Strawberry Banana - Sweet strawberry with banana.

Strawberry Lemonade - Sweet strawberry with a tart lemon finish.

Strawberry Mint - Strawberry with a spearmint finish.

Strawberry Peach Freeze - Our signature fruity menthol.

Strawberry Vanilla Sugar - Sweet blend of strawberry and vanilla.

Sweet Strawberry - straight up fresh strawberry.

Toro Blu - Blueberry energy drink.

Tre Melone - Sweet blend of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.

Tricks - Sweet colorful breakfast cereal.

Tropical Tobacco - Smooth sweet tobacco with a coconut finish.

Turkish Tobacco - Traditional turkish tobacco blend.

Twisted Peach - Fresh peach with melon.

Vanilla Cream - Lush sweet vanilla.

Vanilla Lemon Swirl - Sweet vanilla with a baked vanilla finish.

Very Cherry - Candied cherry.

Vintage Blend - Complex sweet tobacco.

Wild Watermelon - Sweet candy watermelon.

Yellow Taffy - Banana candy.


Apple Pie - Complex apple, cinnamon baked dessert.

Apple Strudel - Baked dessert flavor. Cinnamon, apple, and caramel.

Bliss - Creamy blend of vanilla and peanut butter.

Blueberry Cinnamon - Sweet blueberry with intense cinnamon.

Blueberry Yogurt - Sweet yogurt blended with blueberry.

Cannella - Vanilla cinnamon blend.

Cereali - Delicious cereal blend with milk.

Highway 4 - Our take on the classic RY4 flavor.

Lemon Meringue Pie- The name says it all.

OPC - Oatmeal peanut butter cookie.

Strawberry Yogurt - Sweet yogurt blended with strawberry.

Vanilla Custard - The classic creamy taste you've been looking for.

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