In 2012, our company was born from the search for the perfect e-juice. We searched high and low, crawled through the web, patiently waited for vape mail, and drove 100s of miles to the nearest vape shops. However, the perfect juice was no where to be found. Juices were artificially sweet, fruit flavors tasted like candy, caramel flavors tasted burnt, and Menthol flavors tasted minty instead of cool. Some of the juices were just bad. Knowing there had to be better solution, Juicemafia was born. 

Our gourmet e-juice is proudly made in the USA. We use only the finest ingredients, including Nicselect nicotine, and take great care to ensure consistent quality juice. No matter your preference; tobacco, fruit, or dessert flavors, we have a juice you will love. At Juicemafia, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality, best tasting juice available.
Our online/wholesale fulfillment center is located at ;
1920 Elkhart Rd.
Goshen, IN 46526
[email protected]
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