Sweet vanilla blended with ripe lemons.  The brightness of the lemon is a great contrast to the rich vanilla.  The perfect mixture of tart and sweet.  Great as a dessert or an all day vape.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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Lemon Vanilla

Best of flavor amazing taste
Posted by Robert , 28th Jun 2018

finally a lemon that doesn't taste like cleaner

Most lemon vape juices taste at least vaguely like a cleaner to me. This doesn't. It's a great, mild lemon flavor that is very nicely mellowed by a subtle vanilla. My husband and I usually don't like each other's flavors, but we both really enjoy this one. The lemon is definitely the lead flavor in this. I like that they use a picture of a cupcake, as that is very close to what it tastes like. Did not need to take time to steep. It was ready to go when I got it. Love, love, love the high VG juices.
Posted by badmamjam, 2nd Oct 2015

not toosweet or tart

Not usually a lemon fan but this great not too tart or sweet. I would like a touch more vanilla but still great. Ordered 100ml
Posted by amy, 10th Aug 2015

Mellow lemon

Bought this as a sample based on a recommendation and glad I did. Light lemon, slight "creamy" velvety exhale. Not too tart, but not overly sweet either. Refreshing change, and I'm normally a tobacco junkie.
Posted by Podunk, 28th Jun 2015

vanilla wafers with lemon

Creamy vanilla wafers with a light lemon bite. Lemon flavor is subtle yet you know its there surrounded by creamy vanilla sweetness, dripped at .3 ohms at 45watts. Love it!!
Posted by undefined, 26th May 2015

Lemon pie goodness

This one of my favorites is has a very mellow vanilla and hint of that lemon from a pie taste I all so add extra flavor and I even add there lemon candy with this nice all day vape
Posted by Todd , 19th May 2015

It's good if you like the taste of lemon drops

I think if you are a lemon drop candy lover this is the juice for you, it's ok but then again I like the taste of real lemon.
Posted by LeAnn, 16th May 2015

light and sweet

Easily and ADV, can taste the lemon but not too sharp or sour. Seems to be mellowed out by the vanilla. Bought 100ml and not sorry I did.
Posted by undefined, 10th May 2015


Love love love it. ..could ha e a touch more vanilla and it would be perfect
Posted by undefined, 19th Feb 2015