Cane sugar, vanilla beans, ripe strawberries...all these flavors come together in this sweet and decadent ejuice.  It tastes like something you'd want to sprinkle on your morning toast or onto a fresh baked muffin  It's a great all day vape or a refreshing dessert vape when you're looking for a sweet treat.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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4 out of 5 (based on 29 ratings)
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Absolutely amazing. One of my new favorite flavors now. It's very subtle and doesn't leave a chemical act taste in the back of my mouth.
Posted by Steven Grimaldi, 6th Apr 2018


This vape juice is truly amazing-starts soft and ends juicy and sweet. I love it!!
Posted by Val miller, 25th Mar 2018

Strawberry sugar

Needs a little bit more strawberry flavor, nice and smooth, will try it again!
Posted by Patty, 15th Oct 2017

way to good!

I love this especially when I'm wanting something sweet Thank you for making this awsome flavor
Posted by undefined, 15th Dec 2015

My Favorite By Far

I'm not sure why this doesn't have 5 stars, for me it's amazing. I absolutely love the flavor. This is by far my favorite.
Posted by undefined, 25th Sep 2015

My first purchase!..

The juice wasn't too bad but must vape right away it began to taste bad after it Sat I my tank for a min... I still have me left some left I finally come to the realization that I am a custard lover but the shipping was great on time
Posted by Antonio Giles, 17th Sep 2015

needs a longer steep

Fresh out of the bottle it he strawberry was off, not bad just not great. After letting it steep for a while it's really good. Will definitely reorder.
Posted by undefined, 10th Aug 2015

this is my new edv

Right out of the mail this was amazing I have loved every drop my only complaint is I wish the strawberry stood out a bit more however this won't be the last time I order it
Posted by travis, 20th Apr 2015


I bought this as part as a sampler (Blueberry Dream, Arctic mint & Strawberry vanilla sugar - all with extra flavor). I keep buying strawberry juices from venders only to end up throwing them out. I love stawberry candy, ice cream etc, but for some reason strawberry ejuices leave a gross oily coconut aftertaste in my mouth. this is the first strawberry juice that i happily vaped the whole bottle!! Straight out of the mail the strawberry flavor is upfront. but if you let it steep for about a week the vanilla-y cane sugar (not sweet though, imo) moves up front and the strawberry becomes more a background flavor. So good, will be reordering a bigger bottle!
Posted by Christy, 4th Mar 2015