This is a cloud chasing, vanilla lovers, dream come true.  At 100% VG, you'll be producing lovely, vanilla scented clouds that attract people for miles!

100% VG Base



5 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings)
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Savory with Delicate hughs of Vanilla. I will purchase again.Carrer BOULEVARD
Posted by Arii, 23rd Jun 2017


The vanilla is outstanding!! I am allergic to pg so this all vg base is fantastic!! The vanilla just pops right out. This is by far my favorite so far
Posted by Pam taylor, 25th May 2017

Very good

It's a very good vanilla taste but not what I expected in prefer more of and was expecting more of a vanilla ice cream type flavor this is more like a natural vanilla flavor it was good and if that's your thing you will love it. If you're hoping for the vanilla ice cream flavor don't get your hopes up but when you mix with nimbus extremely good
Posted by undefined, 18th Feb 2017

Very tasty can't wait to try more

As soon as I received it I filled up my tank and started vaping this. The flavor is spot on and gets better with every day.
Posted by undefined, 5th Feb 2017

Love it!

Wasn't sure I would like vanilla but added small bottle to my order to bring up to free shipping. I am glad I Did! Just ordered 100 more mL. It's not too much, I don't get any cream flavor which I dislike. Just smooth vanilla very pleasant.
Posted by Nicole Starr, 22nd Nov 2016

Vanilla Dream

This is a great all day vape. Perfect vanilla flavor! Highly recommend.
Posted by Julie, 30th Aug 2016

High wattage review

Vanilla is an easy, mellow, all day vape. In my experience the juice itself was very easily vaped at 230 watts with a .3ohm build while still maintaining its rich value and taste.
Posted by @thewhackattack, 16th Aug 2016