The rich taste of flue cured tobacco comes together with a hint of summer ripened peach. The peach brings a touch of sweetness to the juice and gives it a wonderful finish. No candy taste here, only the smooth finish of a perfectly ripe peach. Its a great compliment to the complex tobacco flavor. A wonderful all day vape.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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Peach Tobacco

A smooth, light and consistent all-day vape. My absolute favorite e-juice! The peach flavor tastes like peaches that were pressed in the shade and later cooled in the cellar before they dashed the vat with a touch of sugar. It is NOT like so many candied and over-sweet fruit flavors on the market. Best of all, the peachy flavor sits atop the lush full flavor of Flue-Cured Tobacco... like honey over mocha ice cream... Mmmmmm.
Posted by Vinny, 2nd Feb 2018

Peach Tobacco

Best tobacco flavor on the market. Juice Mafia is the BEST. I have tried many other e juice companies and not one compares to Juice Mafia. THEY ARE THE BEST!!
Posted by Kim Bowman, 30th Aug 2017


Peach tobacco Is fantastic! Juice mafia e juices are excellent! Our only place we buy from.
Posted by Andrew, 1st Jul 2017


This peach juice has the most authentic flavor and although I'm not that into fruit flavors I always have this one. It can easily be an ADV.
Posted by Andrew, 4th May 2017

I'm Burning My Lips On This SENSATIONAL Flavor!!!!

Max VG, 6mg, Extra Flavor, One Week Steep, and This Stuff Is ABSOLUTELY Delicious!!! Right outta the mail, I was getting mostly tobacco with a slight peach essence. After a week of Vigorous Shaking & Steeping......HOLY SWEET PEACH BATMAN....I Am In PEACH HEAVEN. Now I'm getting a Perfectly Balanced Pure Sweet Summer Peach Tobacco.........Seriously People......Fresh Off The Vine Peach Flavor with a Rich Robust Tobacco. I never truly appreciated peach vapes before this, but NOW I'm a Fanatical Peach Super Freak....I KID YOU NOT.....This Peach Tobacco is F**KIN PHENOMENAL!!!! I've been CHAIN-VAPING this stuff NON-STOP all morning since I woke-up and took my first Puff. JUICEMAFIA's Peach Tobacco is The Most Satisfying Flavor Blend I've EVER Encountered in my 9 years of Vaping. The Flavor Is Absolutely STELLAR!!!! I can't believe just HOW MUCH I'm LOVING this flavor......I'm Thoroughly Enjoying It. JUICEMAFIA......You Have Won Me Over With Peach Tobacco. I will be Savoring This Exquisitely Fine Crafted Juice til Every Last Drop Is Gone. And I'm Gonna Take My Sweet Time Doing it, so that I can Truly Savor Each And Every Puff, Like It's My Last One. I'm truly NOT Bullshitting You Here. I suggest that whomever reads my little Rambling Review here, PLEASE do yourself a GREAT FAVOR and order a BIG Bottle of PEACH TOBACCO.....Shake It Vigorously Every Day And Steep It For A Week, or Longer If You Can, and I Absolutely Guarantee You That You're Gonna Be in..........VAPING HEAVEN!!!! Cheers To JUICEMAFIA!!!! Be Well & Vape-On Everyone!
Posted by Dan from Wisconsin, 19th Oct 2015

The hype is real

This is a great blend of fruity peach and flue cured. The tobacco is there, which I appreciate, but it's not overpowering. Nice TH tobacco inhale, smooth peachy exhale. An EDV for me, and a monthly order. If you're on the fence about fruit or tobacco flavor, just try it.
Posted by Podunk, 28th Jun 2015

juice Mafia's best juice

Just buy it. You won't regret it. Juice mafia's best flavor period.
Posted by Neris , 25th Jun 2015

Awesome sauce

This is definitely in my top 3 favorite juices of all time. and often times my number one ADV. ive had peach tobacco from other places but none match JM. I highly recommend this Juice... it truly is Awesome.
Posted by Ven, 23rd May 2015


Best ejuice I have ever had. I've tried other company's fruit/tobacco blends and it seems like either there is too much tobacco taste and not enough fruit or the other way around. This is perfect. The peach is definately there but it in no way overpowers the tobacco taste. It's blended beautifully. BUY IT!
Posted by Lori, 13th May 2015