The Juicemafia sampler pack allows you to choose 3 of our regular line flavors, each in 15ml bottles.  Limit of two samplers (6 flavors) per order please.


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I love samplers.

Thank god Juice Mafia has sampler deals. I'm not a heavy vaper so buying large volume bottles of just one flavor forces me to make every purchase the daily vape juice. I absolutely love their flavors and have only been ordering samplers which allows me to fully taste their whole fruit line. I'm always surprised by flavors I question and somewhat disappointed by the ones that I think I would love so without the samplers it would be very difficult to please me.
Posted by Jason Wang, 13th Nov 2017

Great Start

I had ordered from JuiceMafia years ago when I had quit smoking then, and I knew to come back to them when I did it recently. I wanted to give more than my go-to a try, find something on-point and this sampler was perfect! The price, the quality and quantity were all superb, especially as it saved me from buying a larger version of a juice I knew I'd be on the fence with but wasn't to my liking (though numerous friends loved StrawberryMint). Also, thanks to the sampler I fell in love with Cactus Juice and rediscovered my strong fondness for Turkish Tobacco. I don't know if I'd have discovered Cactus Juice otherwise, I may have just stuck with the Turks.
Posted by Christopher C, 17th Sep 2017

E juice

The sampler I ordered was reasonably priced and the flavore are great.
Posted by Amanda Harmon, 25th Aug 2017


This round I got cotton candy, yellow tatty and Russo tobacco. The cotton candy was sweet candy goodness I could literally taste the sugar clouds! The laffy tatty was sweet but could be a bit more banana flavored for my taste! The tobacco my husband tried and he loved he said definitely closest to a real cigarette he has tried!
Posted by AmyB, 26th Jun 2017

Sampler purchase

I bought 2 sampler packs for me and my boyfriend... it allowed us to try different juices to see what we liked b4 buying bigger bottles. We haven't found a flavor yet that we didn't like!!!! Will be ordering bigger juices soon!!! Prices are great juices flavors are awesome and not overly sweet like most commercial juices out there!!!! And if you have to order online and have juices shipped turn around time was very quick!!! Thank you juicemafia!!!!
Posted by Dawn , 11th Jun 2017

Excellent product

This is just in my opinion. When two flavored combined it becomes a lot of questions?????? But, only one flavor in a juice now I can smell that flavor in that drip tip alone. So I prefer just one flavor and I think it's the best experience I can come to expecting coming from my favorite ejuice.
Posted by Peter Lam, 2nd Feb 2017

Great way to start out

New to vaping, so this was a great way to try different flavors out.
Posted by dabe, 27th Jan 2017

Great opportunity.

Purchasing the samplers is hands down a great opportunity to try some great juice. I purchased Cotton Candy, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Code Black. Cotton Candy simply didn't work for me. I never got that cotton candy taste I was looking for. I have 2 others and I have the same issue so obviously its a problem with me and cotton candy. Pineapple Upside Down Cake is one of the best juices I've tasted, ever. I love the pineapple and cake taste. I doubt there is another that is this good. I killed the Code Black by ordering a extra flavor shot. I can tell its really good and I love cherry soda and I will order this again without the extra since the cherry flavor is so strong. I will be ordering some larger sizes of the Pineapple and Code Black and then sample some other flavors I'm curious about. I ordered on a Friday and received on Tuesday so this is definitely an incentive for reordering.
Posted by S. Ward, 22nd Nov 2016

Absolutely love this site

Ok... let me start by saying this is the only website I have ordered any vape juice through so far. But I couldn't be happier with the selection, their order system, and their overall packaging .. the sampler I received came in a bubble wraps sealed manilla envelope... their plastic drip tip squeeze bottles didn't need even that much protection.. so they went above and beyond... now into the juice itself... I ended up choosing the strappleberry, the banana but bread, and the cactus juice... the strappleberry while sweet and smooth. Didn't really taste like any particular berry... it actually almost tasted like a Carmel vanilla... such was pleasing.. but unexpected... the banana but bread was absolutely amazing... tasted exactly like it described.. I was actually hesitant to purchase this flavor just because the bread flavor can be hard to imitate let alone nail on the head.. but the guys at juice mafia pulled it off... even my girlfriend.. who doesn't normally vape.. enjoyed the flavor and smoothness.....and the cactus juice was way better than expected..... the wonderful blend of pineapple and orange was very very pleasing... and smooth... unexpectedly I might add... considering both flavors are inherently acidic and tart... I've had other orange flablvored vape oils from like cloud 9.. that were good. But still tart... this blend was really good in the cactus juice... good job juice mafia.... well done on everything.
Posted by Charles Latta, 27th Aug 2016