Swirling clouds of sugar all captured on a stick. What could be better?? A vape cloud with that same sweet, only found at the county fair flavor, that's what. The taste is the same, but it won't make your hands sticky.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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4 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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Cotton Candy

Absolutely Love it. Sweet
Posted by Amy Whitler, 20th Apr 2018

On The Fence

Flavor was a bit weak with extra added. Different variables, on my part, could have weakened it. I still gave 5 stars. Good clouds. Nicotine seemed on point, maybe a bit stronger. Flavor is there and maybe I just had different expectations.
Posted by Smalls, 9th Jan 2018

A little weak for me...

Perhaps it has to do with my vape, wattage, coil, etc., but the flavor is a little weak for me. I did not select "extra flavor" when I probably should have. But for the price, you really can't beat it. I will make sure to select extra flavor the next time around and see if that makes a difference.
Posted by Dustin, 24th Jan 2017

By far my FAVORITE of the line!

This juice tastes DEAD ON to Cotton Candy, and has a flavor that doesn't even require that extra boost! It is ALWAYS consistently amazing, and I could go for years without needing to try ANYTHING else. I've been between this and Twisted Peach for two years now. Even when I branch out, I always come back. Thanks, Juicemafia!!! Not to sweet, not too tangy... exactly PERFECT!
Posted by Jessica , 16th Jun 2016


The Cotten candy juice I bought was amazing. I wasn't expecting it to teast as good as it did. I would recommend it to anyone that likes Cotten candy .
Posted by undefined, 3rd Apr 2016

County Fair Cotton candy

Excellent Flavor taste just like candy I remember getting at the fair...
Posted by undefined, 27th Dec 2015

this is my vape all day

I love this flavor! I can vape all day with it and it goes in sweet and comes our warm n sweet. Would like to see you guts mix in some sour apple flavors maybe. Send me a sample bottle if ya do lol.
Posted by undefined, 24th Nov 2015

Love it!!!!!!

It's the only flavor I use - and Thank You for the awesome bracelet!!!! You guys are the best
Posted by Suzanne Watt, 5th Oct 2015

The best!

Love this juice! Almost like the real thing!
Posted by Suzanne , 24th Jan 2015