Who among us can start the day without the essentials: Your morning coffee and a vape?  We brought them together for you in this amazing flavor.  Its a smooth coffee taste with a slightly sweet and creamy end note.  Its like drinking coffee with just a touch of French vanilla creamer.  What a way to start the day with Juicemafia.


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Love this!

If you enjoy a good cup o' joe, you will love this! I drink very strong coffee with cream and this has a very similar taste; however, it is not sweet like the dessert vapes are.
Posted by Shar, 12th Jul 2019

Great coffee vape

One of the better coffee capes I’ve tried. Great coffee flavor with just a touch of sweetness and creaminess.
Posted by Jodie Hansen, 12th Jan 2018


This has been my ADV for over a year. Great coffee flavor with just a hint of sweetness.
Posted by Leslie, 9th Dec 2017

Candyish coffee

tastes lightly sweet. Like candy coffe, but there is a crisp real taste of cappuccino there too.
Posted by Sid, 23rd Jul 2017

Best coffee vape I've tried

This coffee vape is so delicious. It has a very unique flavor, black coffee with sugar and vanilla. Bought a 30 ml out of curiosity and vaped it all right away, then ordered 50 ml because I need it now. Benefits from some steeping.
Posted by Roy, 2nd Jul 2017

Perfect coffee flavor

This was much better than I expected it to be. Bought this on a whim and was so happy with it I vaped the whole bottle straight through and I can't wait to get it again.
Posted by Arnee, 31st May 2016

great coffee flavor

spot on with the description favorite juice definitely my all day vape juicemafia is awesome they have bunch of great flavors great prices
Posted by Dan D, 18th Apr 2016

Nice full body flavor.

I choose extra flavoring but that is not needed.
Posted by undefined, 1st Feb 2016

One of the better coffee flavors

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect coffee flavor but so far (after 2 years of searching) this is the one I like the best. Not overly sweet and not bitter. Gave it 4 stars because it's a bit dry to me. Will try max vg next time and get an extra flavor shot.
Posted by SPC041613, 14th May 2015