Fortified with 7 essential vitamins and minerals, this all day vape for cereal lovers combines a corn/ oat biscuit with a berry flavored vape.  Ok, so it's not fortified (we were just kidding).

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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5 out of 5 (based on 38 ratings)
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Love this flavor it tastes just like it’s supoosed to. Smooth flavor. Best version I’ve found.
Posted by MArie, 24th Jun 2019

My all time fave!

I’m obsessed with this flavor! I usually order the biggest bottle they make and won’t use any other juice at this point! Do yourself a favor and try it!
Posted by Alyssa, 24th Apr 2019

My Favorite

This is my Ride or Die flavor-all day every day. I splurge with vanilla custard every now and then but this flavor is perfect if you like a sweet vape with a pleasant aftertaste, this one is your flavor. I'd protest if they stopped making it!
Posted by KayBubble, 23rd Jun 2017

Crunchberries: The Real Thing

This is a delicious vape. It tastes just like the cereal...super fruity. This is one I'll be buying again and again.
Posted by Cindy, 11th May 2017

Decent Vape

I bought this as Crunch Berries was one of my favorite cereals. I know that results vary as much as the configurations do, but it tasted more like the cereal on my old Sense Herakles (40 watts in Temp Control) than my new Cloud Beast (90 watts in wattage mode). I bought the 100 mL bottle and plan to let the remaining 1/6 sit for a bit while I try other flavors.
Posted by Mark Williams, II, 21st Apr 2017

It's okay

This is an okay flavor. Bought a 30ml bottle to try on 2-22-17 and I can barely taste any flavor at all. I personally don't think it tastes like the cereal. It's very bland with a hint of a berry flavor. This is my honest opinion, but other people might like it better then me.
Posted by Christopher O, 25th Feb 2017

Nostalgia Berries

Great all day. Works as a terrific complement to heavier tobacco flavors. Second only to Cereali.
Posted by undefined, 21st May 2016

Taste just like captain crunch with crunch berries

First time purchase. I would recommend it to anyone that likes captain crunch. This will be in my cart the next time I order.
Posted by Bob, 7th Apr 2016

best ADV!

This flavor delivers. I am one week without a cigarette thanks to this juice! An all day vape for those who like crunchberries cereal. It has a nice finish of berries and a lasting milk...
Posted by undefined, 3rd Mar 2016